Background: developed as Performs advancement Administration by EO 7034, might 6, 1935

Background: developed as Performs advancement Administration by EO 7034, might 6, 1935

Background: developed as Performs advancement Administration <a href=""><img decoding="async" src="" alt=""></a> by EO 7034, might 6, 1935

Textual Records: Microfilmed task folders, registers, along with other records, 1933-36, concerning FERA reduction tasks in GA (50 rolls), Los Angeles (30 rolls), MA (103 rolls), ND (30 rolls), and OH (83 moves).

Information associated with repair of old internet sites, 1937-38

Assumed dominating role in operate cure tasks. Run through a central management in Washington, DC, regional workplaces, state administrations, and section workplaces. Renamed Operate works management and placed directly under FWA, 1939. consult 69.1.

Textual information: middle communication data files, 1935-44, including a “general subject” show (309 ft.), and a “condition” sets (870 ft.). Limited list, 1935-38. Fragmentary communication and memorandums, workplace with the administrator, 1935-41. Starting and microfilmed information (92 goes) associated with allotment of resources (“Presidential emails”), 1935-43. Microfilmed documents regarding WPA liquidation, 1943 (1 roll). Final story research, 1943.

Finding helps: Francis T. Bourne, comp., “Preliminary record regarding the middle communication documents of services tasks Administration and its particular Predecessors, 1933-44,” Computer 37 (1946).

Venture manuals, 1935-43. Memorandums, telegrams, circular letters, duplicates of speeches, and minutes of FERA-WPA meetings, 1935-43. Organizational charts, 1935-42. Communication with prominent people and organizations, 1935-38. FERA and WPA issue correspondence, 1933-36. Documents regarding the liaison policeman for all the WPA Oklahoma condition management, 1937-39; as well as the procedures, Statistical, and occupations Divisions for area 1, associated with DC, DE, and MD. Miscellaneous microfilmed reports (22 moves) concerning WPA microfilm plan, statistics, along with other administrative activities, 1935-43.

Textual reports: newsprint and magazine clippings, 1935-42. Reports concerning world’s fairs, 1937-40. Publicity records, 1935-38. Pr announcements, 1936-42. Newspapers clippings along with other documents regarding Blacks, the WPA along with other therapy firms, and connections together with the Negro click, 1936-40. State WPA periodicals and publicity supplies, 1936-42. Records regarding the Alabama Federation of Women’s organizations’ “really works plan Study,” 1938-39; the U.Smunity enhancement assessment review, 1937-39; and National protection Projects, 1939-42. Research of real achievements, 1936-38. “Boondoggling” expenses (“assaults on WPA”), 1935-36. Emails of commendation, 1937-42. Speeches, 1936-42. Registers of this film, photographic, and broadcast areas such as lists of movies, correspondence, and texts, 1936-42. Analytical reports, pr announcements, and various other documents concerning CWA, FERA, and WPA training, 1933-39.

Movies (105 reels): Produced or written by the Film Record unit and successors, regarding WPA, NYA, and CCC tasks, 1931-41. Among the holdings are flicks documenting WPA instructional and vocational education, people works, fine arts, flooding reduction tasks, and cooperative applications aided by the nationwide Rifle organization (NRA). Provided are noted national produced documentary flicks: “possession,” “function offers The united states,” and “We run Again.”

Photographs (43,500 photos): WPA tools and activities nationwide, and also in Washington, DC, nyc, Virgin countries, and Puerto Rico; and WPA and brand new contract officials, and celebs, 1934-42 (letter, NN, NS). view ALWAYS .

Textual reports: main categorized data, 1935-43. Communication, reports, and analytical data, 1935-43. Administrative and venture files of sections: manufacturing Review, 1935-36; Municipal manufacturing, 1937-40; freeway and preservation, 1936-39; Airways and flight terminals, 1935-42; Project program, 1936-40; security Coordination, 1941-42; and protection, 1934-41.

Discovering helps: Estelle Rebec, comp., “Preliminary list of reports for the unit of manufacturing and building of this Operate tasks management, 1935-43,” Computer 46-38 (1946).

Relevant data: nationwide safety task files are some of the records from the Legislative and Liaison unit in RG 165, registers associated with battle Department standard and Unique employees.

Textual files: CWA, FERA, and WPA procedural, technical, and studies magazines, 1935-43, such as the WPA Manual of regulations

Background: Identified successively given that Division of pro and Service works, 1935-41, the Division of area provider applications, 1941-42, additionally the Service Division, 1942-43. Supervised federally backed “white collar” function cure works like the national arts applications while the sporting and studies software. For data associated with particular works, SEE 69.5.

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