AsianDating review

The suction part in addition to stress area extend each amongst said trusted and trailing edges

staging the gasoline shot below a threshold fuel flow such that the fuel was injected only throughout the suction part or perhaps the force area and/or merely through every 2nd or 3rd energy nose of a swirl vane and/or that gasoline is just inserted through the gas nozzles of each second or next swirl vane regarding the burner.

14. The axial swirler in accordance with state 1, whereby the axial swirler is actually an annular combustor, can combustors, or one or reheat system.

18. The burner in accordance with declare 6, when the gas nozzles become elongated slot nozzles expanding essentially parallel towards leading edge on the swirl vane.

19. The burner according to claim 6, whereby the energy nozzles comprise an initial nose for treatment of liquid fuel, and/or another nozzle for shot of a gaseous gasoline and a 3rd nose for injection of provider atmosphere, which encloses the first nozzle and/or the second nozzle.

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