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Background: developed as Performs advancement Administration <a href=""><img src="" alt=""/></a> by EO 7034, might 6, 1935

Textual Records: Microfilmed task folders, registers, along with other records, 1933-36, concerning FERA reduction tasks in GA (50 rolls), Los Angeles (30 rolls), MA (103 rolls), ND (30 rolls), and OH (83 moves).

Information associated with repair of old internet sites, 1937-38

Assumed dominating role in operate cure tasks. Run through a central management in Washington, DC, regional workplaces, state administrations, and section workplaces. Renamed Operate works management and placed directly under FWA, 1939. consult 69.1.

Textual information: middle communication data files, 1935-44, including a "general subject" show (309 ft.), and a "condition" sets (870 ft.). Limited list, 1935-38. Fragmentary communication and memorandums, workplace with the administrator, 1935-41.

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