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So you should Date an Oppa? Help guide to Relationships in Korea

All you need to Discover Online Dating a Korean Guy

Together with the increase of trip internet like Oh my Oppa while the huge surge for the rise in popularity of Kdramas, the notion of matchmaking a Korean is actually idealised. However, it's helpful to find out that you can find crucial differences in online dating kinds between America and Korea.

At the time of authorship, i've stayed in Seoul for around half a year. I have have my fair share of dates a€“ great, worst, and entertaining. Here, I will share suggestions on matchmaking in Korea centered on my experience together with those of my friends. But everybody's experiences are different and yours may vary besides.

Every person differs from the others

Should you decide assume that all Korean dudes were precious, friendly and thinner like K-pop idols, you're going to be sorely upset.

Koreans may be found in all sizes and shapes. I missing on times with taller, small, thin and muscular Korean men.

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