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Muslims satisfied are United states, but say they face big challenges in U.S. community

Muslims leery of Trump

S. Muslim people has gotten most mass media coverage, particularly following Trump's declaration during strategy he would seek a a€?total and comprehensive shutdown of Muslims entering the United Statesa€? along with his executive purchase preventing travel from six Muslim-majority countries. 2

About three-quarters of Muslim Us citizens (74%) say the nation's new chief executive try unfriendly toward her people, while two-thirds (65per cent) say they disapprove associated with ways Trump try dealing with his job as president. U.S. Muslim opinion in the relaxing president has transformed considerably since 2011, whenever Muslims expressed a great deal more good opinions of Barack Obama.

In 2007, near the conclusion of their next name, George W. Bush was given endorsement ranks from U.S. Muslims that were when it comes to as little as Trump's today. Participants in that research are not questioned if they planning plant was actually friendly toward Muslim Us citizens.

From inside the brand new survey, respondents were questioned whether Trump makes them feeling four emotions a€“ two good (desire and contentment) as well as 2 adverse (fear and frustration). Completely two-thirds of Muslim People in the us (68percent) say the president makes them think nervous, and 45% state the guy makes them feeling frustrated. Far fewer say the president makes them feeling hopeful (26%) or happier (17per cent).

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