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70. S Jordan Whitehead, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Current harm background: there clearly was some focus about whether Fournette's actual running preferences would trigger incidents coming out of LSU, but he's completed a great task of avoiding incidents in his NFL job. A lingering hamstring damage are priced at your time in 2018, and also the just other significant injury prior to this season was an ankle harm that held him out weeks last month. Fournette overlooked the last three months of your season with a hamstring harm.

Given their gamble style, you can forecast he should be a new player which misses games each month

Bottom Line: Fournette features recuperated many of the benefits which he lost in Jacksonville along with his play down the stretching in Tampa Bay's ultra dish operate a year ago and as their particular contribute back once again this year. He's not planning to shake a lot of people on view industry, but Fournette happens to be a powerful runner besides getting Tom Brady's trust as a receiving socket in 2021.

Whitehead starred in Tampa Bay's Super dish success a year ago with a torn labrum, showing exactly how hard a person he's, and that's exactly what you want at powerful security situation. His 5-foot-11, 200-pound create and gamble design is rather reminiscent of Cincinnati Bengals strong protection Vonn Bell. Bell signed a three-year, $18 million agreement making use of Bengals ahead of the 2020 period that may serve as anything of a blueprint right here.

Design Fit/Role: SOLID PROTECTION TYPE, SINGLE-HIGH PROTECTION: utilizing the progression we're seeing in contemporary pro defensive structure, Whitehead's archetype as a safety is shedding advantages the more downfield the guy happens.

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