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a lobby was provided for friends to hold back up until the phone call starts

It's a collaborative whiteboard making use of the ability for many players to-draw lines and types, take notes and compose book, publish images, give a speech and more.

Nextcloud Bridging allows the text of chat spaces to at least one or even more channel on other Talk hosts, but also various other solutions like IRC, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Matrix, Mattermost, XMPP and so many more.

a link directs any information through the alternative party circle into the chat room in which it actually was set up, and any information put in the Talk space with the bridged 3rd party system.

Numerous communities could be bridged into an individual Nextcloud chat room, so emails can go from Slack to groups and IRC via Nextcloud.

* people and cluster phone calls is 100% end-to-end encoded with no High-performance Backend.

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